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 We make technology in schools simple and effective 



Who are LearnMaker

We are known for making technology in schools simple and effective.

What does simple technology in school look like? Simple technology works for everyone whether you're in the classroom or the school office. We focus on how technology helps staff amplify their expertise, enabling them to complete their work faster, easier and better. Whether that's increasing learning opportunities for students or sharing new school policies across school, we simplify technology to its most basic form so there's no more headaches, stresses or fears about using it

What does effective technology in school look like? Effective technology makes a difference in your school whether that's in raising student outcomes or improving work / life balance for teachers. It enables staff to increase their capabilities, it improve your school's productivity, and it improves teaching consistency across classrooms.

Through our programmes we improve the whole school by using simple and effective technology to empower and inspire staff.

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Is technology simple and effective in your school?

The LearnMaker Method

Developed by our founder Jay Ashcroft, the LearnMaker method that underpins all of our work was developed from the insights he gained having worked with more than 200 schools across the UK. It follows three key principles and fuses together multiple disciplines including education, technology and change management.

Today schools around the country benefit from the LearnMaker Method to make technology simple and effective in their institutes. 

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School Programmes

To support schools on their journey to make technology simple and effective we offer two programmes that train, implement and support teachers to use Google and Apple technology.

Why did we choose Apple and Google technology? Simple because they offer the most potential for schools to transform learning and raise student progress. 

The LearnMaker Community

We host a variety of events online and offline. It's a great opportunity to learn more about how technology can move your school forward, get to know what we do or just simply meet like minded and forward thinking educators. There's no cost to joining our community over on Facebook so check it out now and join the conversation.

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Book a Free Discovery Session

If you would like to have a free, no pressure consultation with us and learn how you can make technology in your school simple and effective, then get in touch below.

Success Stories

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Invicta Primary School

"Working with LearnMaker has really helped to inspire our vision. We knew where we wanted to go but we weren't quite sure how to get there. We've achieved everything we set out to and working with LearnMaker been fantastic."

Marie Corbett, Executive Headteacher

Parkroyal Community Primary

"The impact has been just huge, it has been enormous, and the impact of that has been we are able to implement strategies very quickly into our school. It’s opened up a world where we can take our knowledge and skills and embed that thoroughly across the school."

Caroline Beaumont, Headteacher

Archbishop Beck School

"The lessons are totally different. I'm not saying all the lessons, but lots of them are far more interactive and innovative than they would have been two or three years ago."

Gary Begusch, Assistant Headteacher

Surbiton High School

"Staff felt very supported having LearnMaker with us. It was an unmitigated success and we are certainly looking forward to having them back in the future."

José Picardo, Assistant Principal