Keeping technology in schools simple and effective



This is how much money UK schools have spent on technology in the last 5 years with no measurable impact on improving student outcomes. Technology in education has proved almost entirely ineffective and teachers don't know how to use it because schools don't want to spend money training them. 

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The Problem

Schools are investing huge sums of money into technology without any impact on student progress.

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The Solution

We have created programmes to implement, train, and support schools on the use of iPad and Google technology.

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The Methodology

The LearnMaker Method has helped make technology simple and effective in hundreds of schools.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to transform UK education by making technology simple and effective in every school.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make technology in every school simple and effective, so that all students, teachers and school leaders excel.


The Book

Pick up the Amazon bestseller 'The Tablet Revolution: How to Transform Student Learning with iPad,' written by our founder Jay Ashcroft and begin making iPads simple and effective in your school.

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"The most comprehensive guide to leading an iPad initiative in a school I've come across" - Reddog

"As someone about to embark on an iPad project this books has been a source of information, advice and comfort. It has helped me identify issues I had not considered, given realistic guidance on iPad usage, and showed me I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed with the technology. EVERY computing subject leader needs to read this!" - CaznayB

"For anyone considering introducing tablets into schools this is a must read." - Amazon Customer

"Having run several mobile learning projects, I wish this book was available 3 years ago as many of the pitfalls and challenges are discussed, with suggestions and packaged takeaways at the end of each chapter." - Hamish Mackenzie

Since 2014 we've worked with over 200 schools as well as the following organisations:

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Meet The Founder

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Jay Ashcroft

“When I was five I remember going to work one day with my dad. He was in the Royal Signals, the IT branch of the British military and I grew up on an army camp. One thing about the military is that they have access to cutting edge technology. I remember going into this room that was wall to wall with wardrobe size computers full of flashing LEDs. I can picture it clear as day still, standing in awe of this giant machine wondering what each light meant. It was magical. From that moment onwards I’ve been fascinated with technology.”

Having been around technology since before he could walk or talk, it seemed impossible that Jay would settle into any other career than one involving technology. However, education ran a close second, and after graduating University Jay spent a number of years teaching, first in a music school and then across secondary schools in Merseyside. The pull of technology was too much though, and Jay left to work at Apple where he honed his skills in organisational development. 

In 2011, Jay took a new store in one of England’s most deprived areas and turned it into one of Europe's highest performing in only 12 months. Jay's expertise and practices were later incorporated into the company's training provision. Later, Jay moved across to an education sales role for the North of England. Overseeing more than £2 million of Apple hardware deployed into schools, Jay worked with thousands of teachers in the process and learnt about their struggles firsthand. In 2014, discontent with how little support schools had when getting to grips with technology, Jay quit his career and invested his life savings to found LearnMaker.

Today, Jay combines his expertise in technology, education and organisational development to personally support numerous schools. Jay is a best selling author, has been nominated for a number of awards, and is asked to speak across the globe on technology in education.