We help you to work smarter by using technology to save your school time, money and ultimately improve student outcomes.

We achieve this by implementing Google Suite for Education into your school, a technology platform that has huge potential in the classroom, but even greater potential in improving how your school operates.

We deliver this through long term development programmes into schools. These last between 3 - 12 months, because 3 months is the minimum amount of time needed to make the improvements and changes we bring stick. 

We focus on the behind the scenes use of technology, because while the classroom technology like tablets, computers and everything else might be exciting and sexy, when it comes to school development, it's just a surface distraction for what needs to happen.

By focusing technology behind the scenes and improving the operation of your school, we ultimately give you the best opportunity to improve student outcomes. With more time and energy day to day, your staff can better focus on student outcomes, and by saving your school money, we create more opportunities for you to invest in better learning opportunities. This is how technology truly transforms a school.