UK schools have spent £1 billion on technology in the last 5 years, yet there has been no measurable impact on student progress. While classroom technology is important, the behind the scene technology of how a school operates is more important. If teachers are overworked and burnt out, and the school is making cuts due to a lack of budget, student progress will suffer. If technology is used to save schools time and money, this will provide the greatest opportunities for you to raise student progress

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The Problem

Schools are investing huge sums of money into technology without any impact on student progress, the bottom line or working hours.

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The Solution

We have created school development programmes that implement, train, and support schools to save time and money with technology.

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The Methodology

The LearnMaker Method identifies 3 key principles that underpin the use of technology to help your school save time, money and raise progress.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to use technology to save schools time, money and raise student progress.