Accelerated School Improvement Masterclass

At this event we will teach you the strategies and the technology to improve how effectively you can lead your school. 

  • Improve school wide communication and collaboration
  • Improve project management and strategic goal achievement
  • Empower teachers to improve their performance

The objective is to arm you and your team with simple technology that is proven to improve school performance. 

These unique events features top class educators who share their insights, knowledge and expertise with you. 

We look forward to seeing you there.

Times Have Changed

Running a school has always been a challenging task but in recent years it has become increasingly difficult. We find that all school leaders are passionate about moving their school forward, yet there is one big factor that holds them back: ineffective technology.

If you think it's about buying the latest classroom technology then you've missed the point. What it's really about is empowering teachers with simple and effective technology to raise your school's performance. 

School leaders and teachers are working incredibly hard, but they're not working smart. Schools are not equipping themselves with the right technology to met the demands of the modern education system. With no more hours in the day and no more money in the bank to throw at their problems, schools everywhere are beginning to struggle.

Explore the proven method that any school can follow


#1 CAPABILITY: Learn how cloud technology gives staff new ways in which to work, improving their capability and effectiveness with their students.


#2 PRODUCTIVITY: Learn how cloud technology can free up time and money, so that teachers can focus more energy on raising student progress.


#3 CONSISTENCY: Learn how cloud technology raises the consistency across the school, turning pockets of excellence into whole school improvement

Invicta Primary School are on course to save over £30,000 less than 12 months on

Broadgreen raised GCSE results in the department by 25% over the course of one year

Parkroyal Community School reduced the number of after school meetings and saved hours per week

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Birmingham 22nd March 2017 5.00-6.30pm 


Jay is a school improvement expert, best-selling author and keynote speaker. Having worked with over 200 schools across the UK, as well as The Department of Education, Jay is responsible for some of the most exciting and innovative uses of technology in education today, and in this session he'll be sharing his unique insights and expertise with you.

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