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Using technology to save schools time, money and improve student outcomes



We help you to work smarter by using technology to save your school time, money and ultimately improve student outcomes.

We achieve this by implementing Google Suite for Education into your school, a technology platform that has huge potential in the classroom, but even greater potential in improving how your school operates.

We deliver this through long term development programmes into schools. These last between 3 - 12 months, because 3 months is the minimum amount of time needed to make the improvements and changes we bring stick. 

We focus on the behind the scenes use of technology, because while the classroom technology like tablets, computers and everything else might be exciting and sexy, when it comes to school development, it's just a surface distraction for what needs to happen.

By focusing technology behind the scenes and improving the operation of your school, we ultimately give you the best opportunity to improve student outcomes. With more time and energy day to day, your staff can better focus on student outcomes, and by saving your school money, we create more opportunities for you to invest in better learning opportunities. This is how technology truly transforms a school.

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Is technology helping you to work smart in school? 


Technology in your school is nothing more than a vehicle to help your progress. Used well and technology will become a fast, agile sportscar of a vehicle, that will enable you to reach your full potential with minimal effort. Used poorly and technology will become a laborious, inefficient vehicle like a bicycle, requiring constant work and continuous effort keeping your from reaching your full potential.

To ensure that technology is used well in your school, our founder, Jay Ashcroft, developed the LearnMaker Method, that ensures the focus remains on the three key principles that underpin successful use of technology. 

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The Accelerated School Improvement Programme

Begin saving time, money and unleash the vast potential of Google Suite for Education in your own school to accelerate your improvement


REBOOT: Why We Must Rethink the Use of Technology to Truly Revolutionise Our Schools

£1 billion has been spent on technology by UK schools in the past 5 years, yet there has been no measurable impact on student progress. In the same timeframe, staff numbers have risen and teachers work longer hours, all just to maintain the status quo. 

The explosion of paperwork has overwhelmed schools, and lacking the right technologies, teachers have been left to face the full force of it. Overworked and under-supported, teachers aren’t able to excel and neither are students.

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Hear from schools who have worked with us and are now using technology to save time, money and most importantly raise student progress

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Saving 4 hours per week, per person

Saving £7500+ on printing annually

Saving £20,000 on IT support annually

"Working with LearnMaker has really helped to inspire our vision. We knew where we wanted to go but we weren't quite sure how to get there. We've achieved everything we set out to and working with LearnMaker been fantastic."

Marie Corbett, Executive Headteacher


Saving 3 hours per week, per person

Saving £5000+ on printing annually

Saving £5000 per class set of student laptops

"The impact has been just huge, it has been enormous, and the impact of that has been we are able to implement strategies very quickly into our school. It’s opened up a world where we can take our knowledge and skills and embed that thoroughly in the school."

Caroline Beaumont, Headteacher


Increased classroom differentiation

Implemented live formative assessment in lessons

100% positive feedback on improving learning

"The lessons are totally different. I'm not saying all the lessons, but lots of them are far more interactive and innovative than they would have been two or three years ago."

Gary Begusch, Assistant Headteacher


Increased year-on-year GCSE progress by 25%

Reduced marking cycle from 2 weeks to 2 days

Increased student-to-teacher interactions by 300%

"The team who are delivering it have been teachers themselves, so they understand the pressures you're under and the pedagogy of learning."

Paula Jones, Deputy Headteacher


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