The LearnMaker Method

The LearnMaker Method


Having worked with over two hundred schools across the UK we have developed a unique methodology that focuses on the three key principles that make technology simple and effective in any school. Each principle simplifies and makes technology more effective in a focused area. You'll see the quality of lessons improve, the school become more productivity and consistency will rise across the board. As each principle is embedded into your school you'll see a big improvement but the real transformation comes when all three are in play. The LearnMaker Method is a cyclical process and the sum is much bigger than the individual parts.  Once you reach this stage expect to see remarkable results. 



Quality of teaching is the most important factor in student progress. By training and supporting teachers to use the right technology to engage students and deepen learning we enable teachers to raise the quality of their lessons.

Improving Capability
Improve School Productivity


School staff are very busy people which is why the second principle is to improve productivity across the school so that staff have more time and energy to focus on what matters most; improving student outcomes. Don't be surprised if better use of technology drives cost savings in the school too as we've seen countless times so far.


The difference between a good teacher and an average one in UK schools is as much as one year's progress for a student, but you can't control quality until you first control consistency. That is why the third principle focuses on developing consistency across lessons and how technology is a big factor in driving that.

What others have to say about working with LearnMaker

Gary Begusch
Now we can personalise our learning far more. We can differentiate learning and today it is much easier to target the needs of the students in front of us. The lessons are totally different. They are far more interactive and innovative than they were two or three years ago.
— Gary Begusch, Assistant Headteacher, Archbishop Beck
Caroline Beaumont
Working with LearnMaker has been amazing, absolutely amazing. I can’t begin to describe how as a group of staff we can all share documents while being anywhere. It’s opened up a world where we can take our knowledge and skills and embed them thoroughly across the school.”
— Caroline Beaumont | Headteacher | Parkroyal Community Primary School
Jose Picardo
Not only was having an expert on tap extremely popular with our staff, but LearnMaker’s enthusiasm, expertise and very substantial knowledge ensured that our project was memorable and extremely effective in terms of professional development. We would be delighted to have them back again.
— Jose Picardo, Assistant Headteacher, Surbiton High
Joanne Young
They understands the constraints class teachers face and makes the use of the technology something that even the most cynical of teachers are inspired to use. Working with LearnMaker is always engaging and purposeful, and they always come with a smile. I wouldn’t use anyone else for our in house training now.
— Joanna Young, Headteacher, Leighton Academy