Programme Outline

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The first step is to ensure that students have high quality learning content available to them when they have access to an iPad. We focus on embedding the iPad deeper into the curriculum so that it supports and accelerates student learning within the classroom. 


The second step is to ensure that teachers are taking advantage of the latest assessment opportunities so that they can better target learning and support within the classroom. This won’t affect your existing assessment system or practices as we focus on fast and simple formative assessment opportunities that teachers can take advantage of within any given lesson. 


The third step to ensure that learning is not just limited to the classroom and that students develop key independent learning qualities needed to excel today. We focus on developing the school’s learning environment through the development of rich content that can be used by students anywhere at anytime. 



  • Development of a staff iPad Team

  • Development of a student Digital Leader team

  • Development of a 3 year strategic technology vision and plan

  • Bespoke leadership coaching for the Senior Leadership Team and ICT Coordinator

  • Implementation support days