Move to the Cloud Programme

The first step to making technology in schools simple and effective is to start working from a single school platform. One of the biggest challenges for any teacher in the modern school is coping with the variations of devices and systems being used.

As demands have risen on schools, new devices and systems have been bought in year after year to meet these, only they don't play so well together. This results in ineffective technology that doesn't integrate properly, is liable to fail or is time intensive to use. It is anything but simple!

Why move to the cloud?

By moving to G Suite for Education (previously Google Apps for Education), the world's leading education cloud platform, you can solve many of the current problems in school around technology and open a world of brand new learning opportunities. 

  • G Suite for Education is completely free and works on any device
  • G Suite for Education on average saves a teacher 52 hours per year
  • G Suite for Education requires 90% less support and has a 99.9% uptime

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Move to the Cloud Programme