Student Progress with iPad Programme

Over 70% of UK schools are using tablets in the classroom, many of which are iPads. Yet only a handful of schools are seeing an improvement in student progress despite the significant sums of money being invested into iPads. 

The Student Progress with iPad Programme supports your school in training, implementing and supporting teachers in the use of iPads in the classroom. 

I have an iPad at home, I'll figure out how to use it in the classroom

In the past five years UK schools have spent £1 billion on technology and there has been no measurable impact on student progress. There are schools in the UK that have transformed their results through the use of iPads but these are the needles in the haystack. The difference between succeeding and failing with a school iPad project is simple. It all comes down to how well they are implemented into your school, how well teachers are training, and how embedded they are in your curriculum. 

This programme delivers all three of those plus much more.

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Student Progress with iPad Programme