Is technology in your school simple and effective?

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Is technology in your school simple and effective? Or is technology having little impact and causing staff headaches?

To help you answer this question we've created the LearnMaker Scorecard.  

In this 10 minute questionnaire you will discover:

  • How simple technology is in your school
  • How effective technology is in your school
  • And most importantly what you can do to improve both 

The LearnMaker Scorecard is completely free. All it requires is 10 minutes and your honest input. 

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The LearnMaker Method

To make technology in schools simple and effective we focus its use in 3 key areas. Improving the capabilities of staff, improving the productivity of the school, and improving the consistency of lessons. 

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We improve the capability and performance of staff by teaching them new ways to use technology to amplify their strengths. This enables them to work faster and to a higher standard than before.


Schools are not yet leveraging the immense power and potential that technology holds for improving education.


We move schools to G Suite, the world’s leading educational cloud platform. This increases the capability of staff, improving teaching and learning





We improve the productivity of the school by simplifying how technology is used. This saves time and energy, and staff can focus on the key outcomes that the school is working towards.


Schools are relying on a patchwork of outdated technologies and processes which simply aren’t coping with the challenges of modern education.


We simplify how schools use technology, by standardising paperwork and processes. This saves significant time and money, improving the productivity of the school.





We establish consistency across the school to drive up the quality of teaching. By focusing on key outcomes, and working together as a team rather than individuals, technology can be used to drive the progress forward for schools at a much faster rate. 


Schools struggle to implement technological and organisational changes due to a lack of expertise. There is significant variation in the quality of teaching from classroom to classroom, which amounts to as much as a year's progress to students.


Using technology to create transparency you can control classroom variation. Then you can control quality. With all teachers working from the same starting point, the school improves as a whole. Excellence in every classroom becomes the norm, and not the exception.

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