The Book

Pick up the Amazon bestseller 'The Tablet Revolution: How to Transform Student Learning with iPad,' written by our founder Jay Ashcroft and begin making iPads simple and effective in your school.

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"The most comprehensive guide to leading an iPad initiative in a school I've come across" - Reddog

"As someone about to embark on an iPad project this books has been a source of information, advice and comfort. It has helped me identify issues I had not considered, given realistic guidance on iPad usage, and showed me I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed with the technology. EVERY computing subject leader needs to read this!" - CaznayB

"For anyone considering introducing tablets into schools this is a must read." - Amazon Customer

"Having run several mobile learning projects, I wish this book was available 3 years ago as many of the pitfalls and challenges are discussed, with suggestions and packaged takeaways at the end of each chapter." - Hamish Mackenzie